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M&J Valve SPX Company provides valve products for critical applications in the hydrocarbon pipeline, storage and distribution markets, to power plants, in ESD and other demanding isolation applications. M&J Valve SPX offers slab and expanding through-conduit gate valves, axial and rotary control valves, piston, swing and wafer check valves.

M&J Valve SPX can also provide a wide variety of flow control solutions for liquid, geothermal and gas markets.


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Compact ValveM & J Featured Gate Valve

The Model EG valve from M&J Valves provides a superior bi-directional mechanical seal because the two-piece gate assembly expands against the seating areas in the open or closed position. The greater the torque, the tighter the seal. The end result is an extremely heat resistant seal that is unaffected by line pressure or vibration.


General Specifications:

  • Sizes 2" and larger in all ANSI classes
  • Temperature Range: -70°F to +1000°F
  • Flanged end connections
  • ISO 9001
  • Available: NACE, high corrosive, high and low temperature
  • Geo-thermal trims


  • Increased throughput, full bore unrestricted flow
  • Tight seal in all flow conditions; bi-directional mechanical sealing
  • Can replace two valves; double block and bleed capability
  • Long, leak-free service life; protected seat design
  • Easy to operate; low operating torque; single piece stem; visual indication of position
  • Easy to maintain; stem packing does not require lubrication; backup sealing options; emergency sealing through the stem and seat


  • wide range of trims
  • can be manually equipped with electric or hydraulic actuators
  • stem and sealant injection extensions for buried service
  • locking devices
  • wide range of testing and verification procedures
  • zero emission secondary stem seals

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