Diaphragm Valves

The DIAPHRAGM VALVE, in which a flexible membrane moves (or is compressed) to allow/prevent flow, is a truly ancient device.

During the Roman Empire and earlier, simple leather diaphragms were being used in valves to control flow and temperature of household bath water.

That technology was effectively rediscovered early in the 20th century by the South African mining engineer P.K. Saunders, the man who developed the first modern diaphragm valve.

In modern diaphragm valves various resilient materials are selected according to the temperature and chemical composition of the flowing media.

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SaundersSaunders Featured Diaphragm Valve

Developed to handle a wider range of fluids and gases than any other valve type. Available in a wide range of plastic, rubber and glass linings with manual and actuated bonnet options, it provides extended life, reliability, safety and ease of use giving 100% leaktight operation.

All diaphragms developed and manufactured by Saunders, in-house, to ensure complete safety and security of operation with superior performance

Key features: 100% leaktight operation, low maintenance costs. Suitable for a wide range of duties
Size Range: DN 8 – 350 (¼” – 14")

Pressure Rating: PN16

Key Applications: Chemicals Processing, Water Treatment, Power Generation, Metal Processing, Minerals Processing, Brewery and Effluent Treatment

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