Beric ValvesBeric-Davis Companies International LTD. entered the industrial valve market in 1998.

Early in our history, we partnered with API accredited valve factories in Asia, allowing us to import high quality valves produced in accordance with strict engineering criteria at a competitive price.

At Beric-Davis, our commitment to quality assurance runs deep. We require all of our factory management and employees to adhere to strict quality control standards and our process management is central to assuring each of our valves pass rigid tests and have enduring performance.

Beric-Davis has implemented a program of management involvement with our factories to insure compliance with relevant quality and technical standards. This ongoing practice includes accomplished business professionals, engineers and metallurgists visiting the factory regularly to conduct both classroom and on the job management and quality control seminars.

Beric-Davis complies with the latest ISO 9001:2008 guidelines.


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Our staff can be a big help in putting your order together! Dialogue is an expected and valuable part of the order process with Associated Valve.

When dealing with specialty valves destined for service in unique or unusual situations, no single form is likely to cover every necessary variable. This is where the experience and product knowledge of a good distributor comes into play.

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